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Baucau Nature

Baucau Scenery Of East Timor

Much of the infrastructure of the city and the surrounding area was damaged or destroyed, by invasion of indonesian military during the violence that followed the referendum for independence in 1999. 

Nevertheless, in the old part of Baucau there survive a few relics from the Portuguese , such as large  houses, churches, and public buildings. One of these is the Pousada de Baucau, a large pink hotel whose restaurant offers a magnificent view of the ocean.


Osolata village  – Wataboo Beach – Nobel da Paz Street
The Nobel da Paz Street and Wataboo Beach are a breathtakingly beautiful white-sand beach at Osolata, 5km sharpy downhill from Baucau township.
Nice to Swimming with clear water and lined with coconut palms, this used to be Baucau attracts Tourists to visit, has Portuguese customs house front the beach and other beautiful of Bondura Beach,Caves and Rocks.

Resistence Place for East Timor Independence

Bondura Beach, Baucau Timor-Leste